Think about your faith

Think about your faith

PCN Britain is appealing to church members to look again at the fundamentals of their faith.

This month, PCN Britain has launched a new initiative to engage with churches across the theological spectrum. Under the banner, “Helping churches to celebrate a 21st century faith” PCN is aiming to reach congregations across Britain who are seeking a credible faith and a new vision for Christian faithfulness - one which is more inclusive, more open-minded.

A new leaflet to carry this message was launched at a conference in London earlier this month when one of PCN’s leading voices, Adrian Alker, appealed for Christians to pay more attention to the kingdom teachings of Jesus and for churches to speak out for justice and compassion. The leaflet offers to provide churches with PCN resources including visiting speakers, materials for group study, and the quarterly publication, Progressive Voices. You can view pages 1 and 4 of the leaflet and pages 2 and 3 of the leaflet

Photo of PCN chair, John Churcher and Adrian Alker with the new leaflets

Copies of the leaflet can be obtained free from the PCN shop (pay only postage) or from the PCN office at 26, High Street, Newnham, Gloucestershire, GL14 1BB

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