The web of the hostile environment

The web of the hostile environment

as the Home Secretary seeks to make the environment even more hostile the Churches JPIT report is worth reading to guide local church action

As Church leaders, the injustices of the hostile environment alarm us. The hostile environment is described as a web. Churches around the country are supporting people who have suffered hardship as a result of being caught up in it; indeed our church members are some of the very people who are at risk of destitution and discrimination. The hostile environment spins a web of distrust and encourages suspicion. As Christians we believe that God calls us to offer welcome to the stranger and care for the vulnerable, whoever they are. We therefore encourage you to read this new report produced by the Joint Public Issues Team. It draws together some of the latest evidence, stories and offers a Christian response. Our Christian faith calls us to pray and work for a society founded on trust, respect and love for one another. Let’s work together for a truly hospitable environment. Revd Lynn Green General Secretary of the Baptist Union Revd Richard Frazer Convenor of the Church and Society Committee of the Church of Scotland Revd Loraine Mellor and Jill Baker President and Vice-President of the Methodist Conference Revd Kevin Watson and Alan Yates Moderators of the United Reformed Church

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