Spiritual Lessons for Children

"New Curriculum Resource Changes How We Think About God". PCN Britain reproduces here a press release from our sister organisation in America.

The Center for Progressive Christianity and ProgressiveChristianity.org, is changing the face of progressive Christianity with new groundbreaking children’s curriculum, A Joyful Path. Created for use in congregations, small groups, or individual families, it is ideal for those who are looking for spiritual lessons that are free from dogma and creed. The language is inclusive, inter-spiritual, and intelligent. Sensitively written and beautifully illustrated, this curriculum focuses on behavior before belief, creating and practicing a spiritual path, and knowing one’s true self. It celebrates children’s naturally joy-filled life, and draws upon their compassion, as well as their own innate wisdom. First released at the Common Dreams Conference, in Melbourne, Australia, this set of lesson plans is generating a great deal of excitement among progressive Christians all over the world, as well as others who are looking for a fresh perspective on spiritual lessons. It offers a way of life that centers on the teachings of Jesus, but also celebrates and respects the teachings of other wisdom paths. The curriculum encourages children to listen and respect all people, to think of the all the world as our family, to celebrate and care for the earth, and to see God within each person. It differs from traditional church curriculum in many ways. The curriculum avoids speaking at children, telling them what to believe or how to behave. Rather, it creates a space for children to learn on their own. It is fun and interactive, full of activities, games, and ideas to use children’s own experiences to help them discover each truth for themselves. While it uses the Bible as inspiration, it is not bible centered, nor does it refer to God as something outside of us or as a powerful deity with human like qualities. Based upon our most current understanding of the universe and science, and drawing upon a plethora of wisdom teachings, each lesson or affirmation encourages children to use their energy in positive ways and to see themselves as interconnected to all. Parents, educators, churches, and communities can all benefit from a children’s curriculum that is both spiritually progressive and relevant in today’s world. For more information, contact Deshna at Deshna@tcpc.org or go to ProgressiveChristianity.org.

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