Seeking harmony between the world's religions

Seeking harmony between the world's religions

World Interfaith Harmony Week takes place this week. Sign the Avaaz petition and watch a new Charter for Compassion video.

Less than a month after the Paris shootings, in the very week that the carnage of Kobani has been revealed, here is an attempt to light a candle in the wind. The aim of World Interfaith harmony Week is to ask us all to think of the small step that each of us can take, in the cause of harmony, even if it is simply to acknowledge our Muslim neighbour with a smile, or ask them round for a cup of tea. This message is being effectively promoted by the Charter for Compassion and we invite you to sign their petition on Avaaz. Each one of us is a decision maker - we can decide to do nothing or do something.

The petition reads: Each person who reads this petition can bring about change.: Take compassionate action during World Interfaith Harmony Week. Sign now.

At the end of last year, PCN Britain emphasised the value we place on interfaith respect and recognition through the wording of our revised Eight Points. As a partner of the Charter for Compassion, we encourage each other and our guest readers to spread the message of harmony and tolerance among the followers of all the world’s religions, faiths and common-good organisations.Let us know if this inspires you to do something in this week.

Charter for Compasison has produced a video to mark World Interfaith harmony Week. Watch the video

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Image from the Charter for Compassion video.

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