Save the Parish

video of inaugural meeting 3rd Aug 2021

Save the Parish

'Save the Parish', is a campaign that has developed very quickly, really out of the realisation that time is very short for there to be any form of co-ordinated action by laity and clergy who are concerned by the trend to deprioritise and defund parochial ministry. It is absolutely essential that the clergy and laity assert their ownership of the Church. The Church of England is your Church.

Speakers at the inaugural meeting:

Rev'd Professor Alison Milbank, Revd Stephen Trott

Save the Parish is not a plan to create a political party within the church or to have policies across the range of issues we Anglicans so often disagree about. It is a plan to draw together the disparate groups of people who wish to save our parochial system for future generations and to stand for General Synod in a co-ordinated campaign under the banner, "Save the Parish".

The Rev'd Professor Alison Milbank is Professor of Theology and Literature at Nottingham University and co-author of For the Parish, who says why we need to save the parish, that jewel in the crown of the Church of England, and what that might mean in reality, beyond fine words.

The Revd Stephen Trott is Rector of Pitsford, in Peterborough diocese, and has been a member of both the General Synod and the Church Commissioners for over twenty years. He advises us on why General Synod actually is important and gives us the nuts and bolts of how to stand and what your commitments would be, should you stand.

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