Same-sex marriages in church

Same-sex marriages in church

The Progressive Christianity Network Britain warmly welcomes the announcement by the Prime Minister David Cameron concerning his support for single sex marriage in those churches and other religious communities which wish to celebrate them.

​Members of this Network have overwhelmingly endorsed a request that this religious freedom be available to those who wish to exercise it. There is no desire on our part to force this on those religious groups which do not wish to celebrate same sex marriages.

​This summer PCN Britain made a submission to the Home Office as part of the government consultation over proposals to introduce same-sex marriage in England and Wales.

Summary of Findings

1] The overwhelming majority (94%) of those taking part in our members’ survey supported same-sex marriage. Almost as many (92%) felt the government proposals are not radical enough and should include the option of a same-sex marriage in church. In added comments there was an emerging consensus that no church congregation or minister should be compelled to conduct same sex marriages against their conscience.

2] Members of PCN Britain objected to the government determining the religious content of ceremonies held in church. Not only were 92% in favour of religious same sex marriages in church, but even more (93%) favoured allowing religious Civil Partnership ceremonies in church.

3] In comments added by respondents, many expressed their support for gay marriage in terms of their religious conviction. Nearly as many expressed their support as a matter of equal treatment for a minority.

4] In their comments, a number of members mentioned the Government’s injustice in allowing opposite sex marriage in church but not same sex marriage. Other members referred to the need for education of the public concerning the culture, needs and contributions made by the LGBT community.

The full report is available on this website to read.

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