“Queer and Catholic”

“Queer and Catholic”

“Queer and Catholic”, an autobiography by Mark Dowd, former Dominican friar, a broadcaster and journalist

Peter Bellenes, web editor, writes: I have just finished reading “Queer and Catholic”, an autobiography by Mark Dowd, former Dominicsn friar, a broadcaster and journalist who has worked for the BBC, Channel 4, The Times and the Guardian. Mark gives an authentic insight into growing up as a Catholic boy in the Lancashire of the 60’s.

I am a decade older than Mark but can identify with his description of experience life in a Catholic family and a Catholic school. Mark provides a vivid and humerous insight into his experiences. From the book we also derive a personal perspective on the hostility of the official Church while attitudes of grass roots Catholics, like those of other faiths, have become significantly more liberal in the UK. Dr Ben Clements, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Leicester, provided a brilliant paper (Jan 2017), highlighting the collapse of negative attitudes to gay relationships among religious adherents. Interestingly the collapse of antagonism to gay relationships has gone slightly further among Catholics than among Anglicans. (www.brin.ac.uk/figures/attitudes-towards-gay-rights/) attitudes-towards-gay-rights


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