Progressing Spirit: Explorations on Theology, Spirituality and the News

Progressing Spirit: Explorations on Theology, Spirituality and the News

Our US partner,, is seeking to create an international society dedicated to the work and theology of Bishop John Spong

For 16 years Jack Spong published a weekly essay - developing themes around the theology and practice of progressive Christianity. He is no longer able to sustain this level of work following his stroke last year. However, the series continues and has grown in its ambition… has recruited a team of successors, all endorsed by Jack Spong, who will continue to provide a weekly column on a rotating basis. It is being called Progressing Spirit: Explorations on Theology, Spirituality and the News and the hope is that subscribers may see themselves as part of an international society dedicated to perpetuating and expanding on the work and theology of Bishop Spong.

The authors include Matthew Fox (Original Blessing), Gretta Vosper (With or Without God), David Felten (Living the Questions) and Roger Wolsey, (Kissing Fish). Read the full list of authors and their bios. The articles will only be available to subscribers and won’t be published anywhere else. As before the sub is $25 a year and you can sign up here. (Follow-up questions and answers are always publicly available.) The latest essay is published today and is called Time for a New Spiritual, not Religious, Order by Matthew Fox.

Bishop Spong will still make occasional contributions, it is hoped. He is also in the process of publishing a new book, Charting a New Reformation. The publication date has not been revealed as far as we can tell.


1 On 19/10/2017 Pat Fuller wrote:

What is the cost to join in sterling and how do I set this up?

2 On 19/10/2017 Andrew Vivian wrote:

Hi Pat
I don’t think that you can join in sterling.  But of course any sterling credit card or Paypal account will make a payment in dollars on your behalf.  My quarterly payments appear on my statement at £7 odd in sterling, from memory.  So to join just click on the word ‘here’ in the third line up in the penultimate paragraph above.  At the bottom of that signup page you’ll find a payment form if you plan to pay by credit card.  You have to tick a box to pay quarterly or annually.  You can alternatively email them to ask for a PayPal invoice which you can pay by PayPal or credit card.  I don’t know how that alternative works for the renewals, since I didn’t go down that route myself.  Hope that helps

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