PCN Britain and the Charter for Compassion

PCN Britain and the Charter for Compassion

Signing the Charter is how PCN Britain has chosen to mark its 10th anniversary

PCN Britain is a collection of open minded individuals, seeking a credible and inclusive way to be Christian. But any kind of Christianity is only worth its salt if it leads to lives of compassion and understanding.

That is the example we try to follow in Jesus of Nazareth. Christians do not remotely have a monopoly on compassion. Our only claim can be that in our particular case we find it easier to be compassionate through keeping Jesus' example in mind. And that is why PCN has no hesitation in linking our endeavours to this wider movement for compassion founded by Karen Armstrong, which links together all religions, spiritual movements and those who hold no faith but simply value love.

We have chosen to mark our tenth anniversary by publicising the Charter for Compassion and we hope that our individual members will choose to sign the Charter too. Our signing of the Charter for Compassion will be formally announced by the Chair of PCN, Angela Smith at our autumn conference 'Being Honest to God', on November 9th at The Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick.

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