One-liners for your street notice board

One-liners for your street notice board

The old fashioned wayside pulpit can be an effective way to communicate a progressive Christian message

A couple of years back this message appeared on the door of a progressive Baptist church in Madison Avenue​.

God want spiritual fruits, not religious nuts

It generated a huge amount of interest for the church and illustrates the fact that the roadside one-liner does get read by those who pass by.

The original examples of these so called wayside pulpit messages appeared over a hundred years ago. Churches would buy them from publishing companies. They were usually exhortations to be born again or Biblical warnings against sin.​ About fifty years ago the messages gained a sense of humour, although the intent was not that different.

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Seven days without God makes one weak

Since the advent of letter boards and publishing software, there is no longer any need to wait for a publisher to come up with a message you'd wish to promote. Jim Burklo, Associate Dean at the Religious Life department of the University of Southern California, has come up with a number of progressive one-liners which he recently published on the website of our sister organisation, . His article was called Progressive Christian Unapologetics. Here are his eleven one-liners. Can you think of any more? You can share them in the Comment box below.

Love is our God: kindness is our religion

We keep the faith and drop the dogma

Our deeds are our creeds

The Jesus story is a true myth

We take the Bible seriously, not literally

Questions matter more than answers

Our way to God is good, and so are other ways

Park your car in our lot, but not your brain

God is bigger than our religion

God evolves and so does our faith

We celebrate same-sex marriages

Jim Burklo's website: weblog: twitter: @jtburklo

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