November Update from PCN Chair, John Churcher

PCN has welcomed many new members in the last few weeks. Many have discovered PCN through publicity for our recent Jack Spong speaking tour. Here John Churcher, the PCN chair, reflects on the tour and also offers a way of supporting the cause of women bishops.

My initial reflections on Jack Spong’s tour are that we have had another feast! Jack continues to be an excellent communicator and a beacon of hope for many of us in the progressive movement. From the Chair I wish to publicly thank all who were involved in organising the tour and the ‘on the ground’ local venue organisers: but especially thanks to Jill Sandham and Hugh Dawes for all their work that has made this tour both possible and successful. There will be more comments and photographs in the coming weeks on both the website and also in the next Newsletter. There are continuing teething problems with the Group Convenors’ pages on the website – apologies for this but we are doing everything possible to overcome the access problems as quickly as we can. As for the website Forum – it is being used but it could play a far greater role in communication and discussion for members and friends of PCN-Britain. It is not difficult to use and I encourage you to get involved and to share ideas and explorations of progressive Christianity. The PCN secretary, Jill Sandham, has alerted us to an online petition concerning women bishops. As some of you may be aware, a letter to all women clergy has been sent out by the National Association of Diocesan Advisers in Women’s Ministry (read contents in the women clergy section of the petition website below), which is gathering a large number of signatures. Many Church of England lay people and male clergy have expressed a wish to have a similar letter that they could sign up to and these are available using the appropriate links below. Please sign up and share them with your own networks and as many people as you can. For women clergy at For men clergy at For the laity at Having begun this short occasional news update with Jack Spong I will finish it with one of the outcomes of his tour: many additional people have become members of PCN-Britain! It is obvious that the more paid up members we have then the more we will be able to do to resource the membership and to be an increasingly effective progressive Christianity voice and presence in Britain. Thank you to you all for your continued support and involvement in the work – in my opinion the progressive voice is more important and necessary now than it has ever been. John Churcher

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