New Archbishop promises inclusivity

New Archbishop promises inclusivity

The trustees of PCN Britain have welcomed the announcement by Justin Welby that he will have no truck with homophobia in the Church of England.

This open letter has gone to the editors of the Guardian, Times, Telegraph, Independent, Church Times, Methodist Recorder, Ekklesia, & Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.

If Justin Welby wishes to banish homophobia from the Church of England, his appointment is warmly welcomed by us, the Trustees of the Progressive Christianity Network Britain.

We will value leadership in the churches from a man who is willing to listen to those whose views are different from his own, and then re-examine his thinking in the light of that dialogue. ​Our Network has, as one of its core values, "the way we behave toward one another and toward other people is the fullest expression of what we believe." Justin Welby's emphasis on the love that Jesus taught, his concern for social justice in describing excessive pay packages as "obscene", and the Occupy movement as reflecting "a deep seated sense that something is wrong", gives us hope that his leadership will have a profound effect on our nation.

Trustees of the Progressive Christianity Network

The Rev. John Churcher: Chair

Angela Smith: Vice-Chair

Rev. Canon Adrian Alker

The Rev. Sonya Brown

The Rev. Sandra Griffiths

The Rev. Alan Race

The Rev. Richard Tetlow

Andrew Burrell

Philip Goodwin

Paul Onslow

Robin Story

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