More Inclusive Church Resources

More Inclusive Church Resources

Here are two more books from one of our partner organisations. They are designed to help churches be more inclusive; one concerns poverty; the other sexuality.

  1. Sexuality: The Inclusive Church Resource - Paperback (198x126mm), 128pp, 978-0-232-53067-4, £8.99, 27 November 2014
  2. Poverty: The Inclusive Church Resource - Paperback (198x126mm), 128pp, 978-0-232-53068-1, £8.99, 27 November 2014

Cate Jacobs was made homeless in 2008. Her mental and physical health went into tailspin. When, 9 months later, she was given housing she found it not to be the end of her struggle. Indeed, for a long time, unable to afford a bed, she slept on the floor, and in winter had little or no money to pay for heating. Her dignity was crushed further and she found it hard to reach out to others and acknowledge the depth of her poverty. However, friends at Cate’s church have since extended a subtle kindness to her in various ways which has enabled Cate to cope with a bleak life situation. Still, Cate asks do we as a church community do enough to support motions to eliminate poverty? Whether it be third world debt, or the poor and marginalised in the UK frequently scapegoated by governments as scroungers and wastrels? And leads us to consider whether poverty is a justice issue as well as one of charity.


Cate’s story illustrates how greatly acceptance and inclusion in society and in the church really matter, and how lives can be changed with more welcoming attitudes towards people facing challenging circumstances, but that there is still work to be done.

Poverty: The Inclusive Church Resource and Sexuality: The Inclusive Resource represent books 3 and 4 in a 6 part series, that also tackles issues of mental health and disability (published in July 2014), as well as gender and ethnicity (to be published in March 2015).

Both Poverty: The Inclusive Church Resource and Sexuality: The Inclusive Resource are written to help churches everywhere to be equipped to welcome all people who live with trying financial circumstances and all people of various sexual orientations. Each title contains first-hand personal experiences of people such as Cate, who have felt excluded from churches because of issues described above, theological reflection, resources, addresses, websites and practical advice for making churches more inclusive.


Susan Durbar is a minister of the United Reformed Church as well as Theology Co-ordinator at Christian Aid, and provides a theology of poverty for Poverty: The Inclusive Resource.

Susannah Cornwall in Advanced Research Fellow at Exeter University with a research focus on contextual theologies, particularly in relation to sex, gender and sexuality. She has published three books., and provides a theology of sexuality for Sexuality: The Inclusive Church Resource.

The series editor is Revd Bob Callaghan, National Co-ordinator of Inclusive Church.

For all enquiries, to discuss author interviews or features and/or to request a review copy, please contact Will Parkes at, tel. 02088 75 2811.

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