Launch of our PCN films

Launch of our PCN films

the five short films commissioned by PCN are now available for you to see!

I am delighted to let all PCN members know that the five short films commissioned by PCN are now available for you to see! You can access the films by using this website address :

Alongside the films you will find questions for discussion which groups might want to use, alongside resources such as relevant websites and further reading to encourage you to explore the issues raised by the films in more depth.

Thanks to the generosity of PCN members, you are the first to see these films which will be promoted more widely in the coming weeks. Please feel free to let others know of the website link. We do want the films to be viewed by a wide audience! We will shortly have a page on our own PCN website where you can discuss online the films and we would value hearing from you about further resources which you think can be added. The films will also be linked to our Facebook page for those of you who use that particular social media platform for discussion and comment.

Made of Stories marks the beginning of our adventures into the film media and we hope that further films might follow. We shall also be working alongside the Student Christian Movement (SCM) in promoting the films to a young audience.

We hope the films might be shown and their content discussed by our many PCN groups. Convenors can request a discussion booklet about the stories if the group intends to use the films in its meetings on Zoom or in any other way. Contact me to request a booklet.

Finally, we are indebted to the people who volunteered to tell their story and to Shortform, the media company in Manchester, who have produced such professionally executed short films.

Adrian Alker.

If you wish to support our film efforts click here


1 On 09/07/2020 Tony Rutherford wrote:

Janet and I have seen all 5 films twice now, and we are very impressed: with the stories, the production values and the overall impression that PCN means business. PCN is now in a new league in the Progressive Christianity field. It deserves to be noticed and taken more seriously. We are not just a discussion group but a team player in presenting a way of being Christian which is both radical in terms of how to see Christianity. And radical in that this approach is rooted in a thoughtful open minded theology. I believe we can become the new norm.

Adrian, please send me a copy of the booklet you referred to to help Radical Pilgrims of Tunbridge Wells to look at the films and be encouraged to share with others. My only concern at this stage is how the Anglican Church in our village will react to the films. They are very challenging for traditional church goers!

Power to your elbow, Tony

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