JESUS TODAY - A Quaker Perspective by Michael Wright

JESUS TODAY - A Quaker Perspective by Michael Wright

I have had a life-long respect and admiration for Jesus. These days I think so many people who might well share my respect for him, know hardly anything about him.

The fresh knowledge provided by biblical scholars in the last fifty or more years passes most people by. I have been encouraged by friends to share a little of my journey and experiences as an introduction to this book. It is written with Quakers in mind, many of whom these days know little about Jesus, even though the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Britain is rooted in the Christian tradition and has always found inspiration in his life and teachings. I hope it may also be helpful to others, whether active church members or not, who are interested in a modern perspective on Jesus. I have been very much helped in writing this by consulting various friends who share some of my interests. As well as Quakers, they include Methodists, Anglicans and Roman Catholics. They have told me that what I have written will be of interest to some fellow members of the churches to which they belong.

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