Is a Radical Church Possible? by Adrian Alker

Is a Radical Church Possible? by Adrian Alker

In his new book, PCN's Britain's chair, Adrian Alker, argues that churches should listen to the radical voices within. Far from undermining the institution, they offer the churches' best hope of survival.

Mainstream Christian denominations are facing critical decline in the UK. Church leaders call for new strategies for growth but will these be effective? In this book, Adrian Alker calls for an honest look at the life of Jesus and the faith of the Church and suggests a radical and more honest reshaping of the churches to enable them to face the challenges of the present day.

The author has been ordained as an Anglican priest for over thirty years. He passionately believes that the Church must become more Jesus shaped and less concerned with its own structures and beliefs in order to attract new members.

This is a remarkable book, written by a remarkable man. It is also a simple book. I do not mean by simple that it is simple minded but that it is easy to understand. This book brings the best of contemporary scholarship to the lives and minds of those faithful souls who still occupy the pews in our churches. Bishop Jack Spong

We have in God a radical vision of distributive justice for our earth. We have in Jesus a radical vision of its lived presence on our earth. But where is the radical vision of a Church that lives with that God and in that Jesus? Read this book and learn how what is necessary must be possible. Learn also that you are the Church, while the Church lasts. And now Honest to God, Honest to Jesus, and Honest to Church abide, these three, but the hardest of these is Honest to Church. John Dominic Crossan

Adrian Alker has served in four dioceses in the Church of England. He founded the St Mark's Centre for Radical Christianity in Sheffield and currently is Chair of the Progressive Christianity Network Britain.

Copies of Adrian's book are available through PCN's online shop for a special price of just £9.99 including postage. You can also call 01594 516528 to place an order over the phone.

Published by Christian Alternative ISBN: 978-1-78535-250-8

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