How I became a heretic - with help from Jesus

How I became a heretic - with help from Jesus

This is the title of the second Marcus Borg Memorial Lecture which will be delivered in Bristol next May by the Rev'd Dr. Robin Meyers, author of Saving Jesus from the Church.

This day long conference, organised by PCN Britain, will take place at St Stephen's Church, BS1 1EQ, on Saturday 13th May 2017. These annual lectures pay tribute to ​Marcus Borg who died in 2015 and whose writings inspired and gave confidence to a new generation of Christians, rooted in the life and teaching of Jesus more than the nature of his death and what followed.

Robin Meyers is the Senior Minister of the Mayflower Congregational United Church of Christ in Oklahoma City. He is also a fellow of the Westar Institute (home to the Jesus Seminar), and Professor of Social Justice in the Philosophy Department at Oklahoma City University. He credits Marcus Borg as a major theological influence.

Progressive Christians are used to being branded heretics. PCN Britain has identified three key insights (some would say 'heresies') from Marcus Borg which have set the compass for progressive Christianity:

1. The Bible is a human product full of metaphor and parable. You can be a Christian without taking it literally.

2. The life of Jesus is a demonstration of God’s passion for justice and rejection of the domination systems of his day.

3. The value and purpose of Christianity lies in its powerful influence for personal and social change - in this life.

The conference is expected to take place between 11am and 4pm, doors opening at 10.30am. PCN Britain's annual meeting will take place during the lunch break. Tickets are now on sale via the PCN shop, they can also be booked by post. Please include contact details for attendees along with a cheque made out to PCN Britain to 26 High St, Newnham, Glos., GL14 1BB.

Robin will also be speaking in Newcastle and tickets for that event can be bought here.

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