Gretta Vosper - Great news from Canada

Gretta Vosper - Great news from Canada

A message direct from Gretta following the unexpectedly short (and positive) censure hearing

Hello all!

This coming Sunday, I return to my congregation without a cloud hanging over our heads and secure in the knowledge that the community we have built at West Hill United Church can continue, without conditions.

The following joint statement just went out from the United Church of Canada at 1:00 p.m. today.

Joint Statement Toronto Conference, Rev. Gretta Vosper and West Hill United Church have settled all outstanding issues between them. Rev. Gretta Vosper will remain in ordained ministry at West Hill United Church. We acknowledge the faithful work of all of those who have been involved in this process.

I cannot say how central your support, love, expressions of empathy, and constancy has meant to me over these three and a half years (plus one day!). It has strewn this difficult path with wisdom, late night and early morning insights, en-coeur-agements, letters of support, of outrage and sorrow, perspective, cups of tea, space for the expressions of anger or heartbreak, shoulders braced against the wall. You persevered and this story has been told. In the telling, in the hearing, we have been affirmed. The first denomination to allow an atheist, whose heart and mind, leadership, and theology, formed by that church's own hand, to continue unobstructed in their ministry. Might I even say "celebrated"? It is a new day in the Christian world. And I am so grateful for your presence by my side.

With much love, gretta

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