From Charter for Compassion to our Muslim family in New Zealand

From Charter for Compassion to our Muslim family in New Zealand

And (remember) Job, when he cried to his Lord, ‘Verily, distress has seized me, and You are the Most Merciful of all those who show mercy.’  So We answered his call, and We removed the distress that was on him, and We restored his family to him (that he had lost), and the like thereof along with them, as a mercy from Ourselves and a Reminder for all who worship Us (God). (Quran 21: 83-84)

We are wounded and we bear the sorrow of our brothers and sisters in New Zealand. A new wave of terror has passed through yet another country, ending the lives of 49 Muslims who gathered in prayer. We stand in disbelief that still another terrorist act has traumatized us into a state of confusion and hopelessness. We must not let this happen. The massacre that occurred in New Zealand is not an isolated incident, it was not perpetrated by a small group of white-supremacists or white nationalists. It represents a reality in which Muslims live throughout the world. Each of us, must work in our own way, to stop the hatred that is so well planted and grown throughout the globe. We need to continue to use our minds and voices to stand in solidarity with our Muslim neighbors, whether they live in our community, or in camps in Bangladesh. The Charter created a Islamophobia Handbook a few years ago. The first section, “Speaking Out and Taking Action,” may be very helpful to all of us as we navigate through these difficult times.


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