Update by PCN Chair, John Churcher

Here is a shortened version of the December update which was emailed to PCN members before Christmas

PCN-Britain has achieved much since its inception, and there is much more that can and will be achieved in the future. These are exciting times to be developing this work locally and nationally. The Management Committee is here to serve the membership and as part of its work, members of the MC will be meeting at a 24 hour residential in January. The first day will be an open agenda to review the roles of Management Committee officers and to discuss ways in which the work load and role specifications can be developed to meet the changing needs of this growing membership organisation. There is a wealth of expertise within the wider membership that should be used much more in developing the local and national work of PCN-Britain. The Management Committee’s task is to find ways of unlocking that talent. Changes are inevitable. Co-options onto the Management Committee will need to be made. There may need to be amendments to the constitution, and if so, these will be brought to the next AGM. All organisations change or die. There is no standing still anymore. PCN-Britain has achieved much in these years of establishing its place in the progressive network of similar organisations in Britain. Now we need to look to the next stage of development. Whereas many Christian organisations and Churches are moving into strategies of survival at least PCN-Britain is looking to cope with the fresh challenges of growth! Blessings, John Churcher ON this website: In the Events section - PCN Britain is delighted to welcome back to the UK Marcus Borg, author of the bestselling Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time, The God We Never Knew, The Heart of Christianity and many other publications. He will be leading a PCN weekend in Edinburgh on 10th – 12th September 2010. To find out more and download a booking form visit http://www.pcnbritain.org.uk/index.php/events/detail/being_christian_in_the_21st_century/ In the News section - “We are not fallen sinners, we are incomplete human beings”, said Jack Spong during his recent PCN tour of the UK. For a selection of quotes from the tour visit http://www.pcnbritain.org.uk/index.php/news/post/what_spong_had_to_say/ From the PCN Forum Progressive Spirituality, posted 2nd December by PCN committee member, John Hetherington “My most recent interest has been exploring how to see God in all faiths and spiritual paths. But this of course stretches the more rationalist ‘liberal’ to the limit, and can be a source of tension, for we all journey at different paces”. Read the whole post: http://www.pcnbritain.org.uk/index.php/forums/viewthread/10/ and find out how to visit John’s new blog.

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