CUF focus on homelessness

CUF focus on homelessness

CUF focusses on homelessness as we are surrounded by visions of the Christmas story:

CUF, is a Christian social action charity working around the country tackling issues such as food poverty, homelessness and financial exclusion. This Advent they are focusing specifically on the issue of homelessness and raising awareness about this issue and what Christians can do to make a difference to the many thousands of people who experience homelessness.

CUF believes that this time of year is an especially important time for Christians to reflect on homelessness given the prevalence of the issue in the Christmas story: after the annunciation Mary leaves her home to stay with Elizabeth (is this a biblical version of sofa-surfing for this soon-to-be young mum?) until the census forces her and Joseph on a dangerous journey to Bethlehem where they find inadequate lodging in a stable for the birth of their son. Jesus is born into homelessness and then, with his parents, is forced to flee as a refugee to escape Herod’s violent regime. Homelessness is an experience the holy family were very familiar with.

The level of homelessness in this country is unacceptable, but there are many ways Christians can and are making a difference. We believe this is something that needs highlighting in the Christian community and PCN Britain are helping to share this message.

Maybe PCN members could think about responding to a CUF invitation to take part in the Advent Sleepout Challenge: teams or individuals can sign up to take the challenge and get themselves sponsored to sleep either outdoors, or somewhere else unusual and uncomfortable to raise funds for our work with people who are homeless.

You can watch a video about the work of CUF showing how they tackle homelessness in Manchester, where they have one of our twenty-two community hubs, here: CUF work with the homeless in Manchester video

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