Christianity and Feminism by Sonya Wratten

Christianity and Feminism by Sonya Wratten

A new booklet in the Together in Hope series of study guides which reflect progressive Christian thinking.

What does it mean to be a woman in 21st century Britain? Writing for people who seek to make sense of the Christian faith through contemporary thinking, Sonya Wratten explores some of the issues of feminism today and what a credible progressive Christian feminist theology might look like in light of such reflection. Her book looks briefly at the relationship Christianity has had with the development of feminism, what shape feminist theology has taken in the present time and what the progressive directions of the future might be in terms of furthering radical theology in this area. As well as using the theological sources of scripture and tradition, she draws on our personal experiences and the cultural context in which we live.

Sonya J Wratten was a trustee of PCN Britain for three years and is currently Priest in Charge of All Saints, Bedford. Before ordination she trained as a Community Artist in the realm of community drama and has worked as a Community Development Worker with churches and other faith groups. Sonya’s interests lie in interfaith dialogue and community engagement, faith and the arts and of course, feminism! Sonya has been a feminist as long as she can remember, believing that the goal of gender equality is one of our most important, unfinished tasks in an increasingly culturally and religiously diverse context.

You can buy the book on this website. It should soon also be available as a download in the Kindle shop.

Together in Hope study guides are produced by a collaboration of Free to Believe, Modern Church, PCN Britain and the St Marks Centre for Radical Christianity. The next book will be a transcription of the Being Honest to God conference last November at which Richard Holloway was a guest speaker. Other books in the series

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