Christian Shorts

Christian Shorts

PCN member, Tony Raine, is offering some dramatic stories to illustrate gospel themes for use in churches and youth groups.

Tony Raine writes: This book evolved gradually. Many of the stories were originally sketches and may be found in a collection of 135 sketches published by Lulu under the title 'What do you Think?' Realising that many people are less happy about reading stories in play format, I started to convert my favourites into ordinary short stories. It began with a smaller collection of 24 stories, then was expanded, eventually to 50, and questions were added.

Ian Gregory, a retired Congregational minister, also a PCN member, recently reviewed the growing collection and wrote: "You have done a tremendous job in bringing the Bible into current language and life situations. There cannot be many people who have thought as you have thought about modern instances which reflect precisely the practical challenges which the gospels describe. ... You have decided, with courage, to apply the Bible to real events, and in so far as it can be done credibly at all, you have done it well. I commend you for your effort."

The book is intended, not only for individual study but also as a discussion stimulus for use in groups where the stories have been trialled and found to raise at least 45 minutes of conversation. It is my belief that through such discussion, real spiritual progress can be achieved. I pray that this is so for all who read it.

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