Chair's Update for August 2013

Chair's Update for August 2013

PCN Britain's new chair, Angela Smith, has filed her first chair's update, a bi-monthly circular sent to all PCN members

August 2013

In taking on the chair’s role from John Churcher I am conscious of his positive and affirming impact on the shape, size and scope of the network, which is truly remarkable. We owe him an incalculable vote of thanks for all that he has done for PCN during his time in the Chair. Looking to the future, I hope to be able to facilitate further the growing call to reflect the broadening perspective seen within PCN, which includes an extension beyond church-going members and a growing interfaith awareness.

Being Honest to God Conference, 8-10th November

All the residential places are now booked although 20 non-residential places are still available. These include lunch and dinner and there are around 16 local Bed & Breakfast establishments within easy access of the venue at the Hayes Conference Centre. Please see the Conference Details for further information.

We are hoping to film the conference and are in need of volunteers with expertise in amateur video making. We would be grateful to hear from any members who could offer advice or help. Please contact:

PCN’s 10th Anniversary

We are aiming to reflect PCN’s tenth anniversary in the September issue of Progressive Voices. As part of this special edition, we would like to hear from you about what has been your spiritual journey over the past 10 years. Please give this a try. We are hoping for a wide variety of experiences but try to keep your contributions to a reasonable length! Send your contributions to within the next three weeks.

Future Conferences

At the Celebrating a 21st Century Faith Conference in April, a call from the floor requested progressive Christians to keep communicating with open evangelicals and to foster links with the emerging church movement. There is support within the PCN committee for making this the basis of a future conference - although it also challenges us, as progressive Christians, to find those who can publicly articulate well what we are about. We are open to further suggestions on this idea, so please let me know your thoughts, using my email address below.

Gretta Vosper tour

Arrangements are coming on well for a visit to the UK by Gretta Vosper, which is provisionally booked to include venues north and south during the period 19th to 28th September 2014. We hope that her tour will include two weekend conferences with a mid-week meeting or two. More details as they become available.

Preparation of a new PCN Britain leaflet

The trustees are currently looking to update the PCN leaflet that invites people to join PCN. We would like to invite members to submit one sentence comments as to why they joined, or value, PCN to provide a resource for use in preparing the new leaflet. Please send your sentence to me at the email address below.

Can you do some voluntary work for PCN Britain?

  • Greenbelt

PCN will be represented again at this year's Greenbelt festival. We are looking for a couple more volunteers for the stall, even if it is just for a day. Greenbelt is 23rd – 26th August

  • Layout of Progressive Voices

PCN continues to search for a volunteer who has technical knowledge and experience of magazine layout to help the editor with the layout of Progressive Voices, our quarterly magazine.

  • Cataloguing back issues of Progressive Voices

PCN also seeks a volunteer who has the skill and time to catalogue the back issues of the PCN quarterly magazine in order that searches for key words and articles can be readily undertaken in the future.

If you are interested in assisting with any of these tasks please contact

And finally, thank you for your support of and involvement in the developing work of PCN Britain. Please do not hesitate to contact me about any PCN Britain matters including feedback from this Update. I wish you all a relaxing summer and look forward to meeting you at one or more of the future meetings.


From the website

Celebrating a 21st Century Faith Conference April 2013

We now have a photo gallery of this conference which took place at the Lumen URC near Kings Cross station in London. Over a hundred members and friends attended. The photos also show the AGM which was held in the lunch break in the paved courtyard of the church.

A recording of the plenary sessions of the conference is available from the PCN shop at £3.60.

PCN Retreat at Glenfall June 2013

A small photo gallery of this event gives an idea of the beautiful weather and surroundings we enjoyed

For some, one highlight of the weekend was the production of an impromptu hymn. Each group was commissioned to write lines to go with the tune of Amazing Grace. The lines then metamorphosed into three verses, later condensed into two. In the end we found the words worked better to ‘Dundee’, (I to the hills will lift mine eyes), and they were sung at our final worship.

Two of the talks given at the retreat by PCN committee members have been posted on the website: Angela Smith’s talk, Developing Progressive Liturgies and Sandra Griffiths’ talk, What is Worship

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