Bishop Spong visits Glasgow

A report is now available of Jack Spong's visit to Glasgow in June 2011. You can also hear part of his last lecture and buy CDs of all his lectures on this website, (see below)

Jack Spong was the controversial Bishop of Newark in the United States. His open minded progressive approach to theology was refreshing. He offered an enlightening antidote to the oftentimes prejudiced and literalist approach of some in the Episcopalian and more fundamentalist churches. Eight years ago, Jack came to the UK to launch the “Progressive Christianity Network Britain” and he has been touring the UK regularly ever since. This was his last visit. On 2nd June 2011, he spoke to the Thinking Allowed meeting at Cairns Church in Milngavie, Glasgow. From 3rd to 5th June he led a conference at Orchardhill Church in Giffnock, Glasgow. Among those attending the conference was John Hetherington who is the convenor of PCN Britain's Kendal group and secretary of the South Lakeland Interfaith Forum. To read his report please go to To purchase a recording of Jack Spong's lectures, please go to To listen to an excerpt from his lectures, please go to

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