Being Honest to God

Being Honest to God

A conference celebrating 50 years of "Honest to God". Jointly sponsored by Modern Church and the Progressive Christianity Network Britain. Tickets now available

The book by Bishop John Robinson that caused a furore in 1963 is celebrating its 50th birthday this year. The bishop knew it would be heavily criticised, but thought in time it would seem he had not been radical enough. Her wrote in the preface of the first edition:

'What I have tried to say, in a tentative and exploratory way, may seem to be radical, and doubtless to many heretical. The one thing of which I am fairly sure is that, in retrospect, it will be seen to have erred in not being nearly radical enough'.

​Fifty years on, our context and culture in these islands has of course changed. Yet we still debate the place of religion and its significance in the public and private spheres of life. This weekend conference, taking its themes from Honest to God, will address such areas as ethics and theology but now through twenty first century eyes. We shall be enabled to do this through the talks and discussions led by contemporary and eminent thinkers. Our hopes are, as they were for Robinson those fifty years ago, that Christian faith, experienced in modern and progressive ways may be as relevant and meaningful for our times as it was for the passionate followers of Christ two thousand years ago.

The conference takes place between Friday 8th November and Sunday 10th November at the Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, Derbyshire.

The speakers at this conference will be:

Prof Elaine Graham of Chester University is the Conference Chair and will begin the conference with a talk entitled “Being Honest”.

Richard Holloway, formerly Bishop of Edinburgh and well known for his writing and broadcasting as well as his work in the arts will give an after dinner talk on the theme “Being Honest about God”.

Canon Dr Martyn Percy, Principal of Ripon Theological College, Cuddesdon will invite the conference to be Honest about the Church.

Prof James Crossley, from the Biblical Studies Department of Sheffield University will speak to the title: “Being Honest about Jesus”.

Simon Barrow, Co-Director of Ekklesia, will encourage discussion on topical ethical themes, with an invitation to be Honest about Ourselves.

Rev Dr Jan Berry, is principal of Open College at Luther King House, Manchester, a writer and liturgist who will lead us in creative thinking about worship.

Further information and booking details

Conference organiser and contact: Paul Onslow 07815 685047 / 01423 538798

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