Become an SCM Link Church

Become an SCM Link Church

The Student Christian Movement is offering churches in university towns the opportunity to enhance their student contact by becoming an SCM Link Church.

Do you want to reach more students and provide a welcoming space for them to serve and be part of your community? Link your church with SCM for free and you’ll receive several benefits including a profile on their website, ongoing support and advice to engage students, a bi-monthly newsletter specifically for churches, information about training in your area, and resources and publicity materials. Visit to complete the form.


1 On 28/05/2016 Nick Earle wrote:


The link to the SCM website is not working right.  It links back to this article.

Best wishes


2 On 25/08/2016 Andrew Vivian wrote:

Hi Nick, thanks for pointing this out.  SCM has given us an updated link which is working OK now.

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