Agora Charter for Compassion Market Place

Agora Charter for Compassion Market Place

ideas for Christmas presents - promoting compassion

Welcome to the Agora Marketplace. The Greeks called it the “agora” (Ἀγορά), a gathering place where merchants kept their shops and sold their wares. Agora are coming close to having 2000 partners and want a way to feature the “wares” of their partners.

Many of these partners are owners of companies or are artists, writers, filmmakers and individuals who offer services. The Charter wanted a way to promote their good works. We invite you to browse through the Marketplace. If you find a vendor who piques your interest, click on the link that is provided and take a closer look and explore the possibilities. Each of these stalls is paying a modest fee to be featured in our agora. Help our partners as you help the Charter.

Find the Agora Marketplace here: Agora Marketplace

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