Questions arising from the AGM papers

Questions arising from the AGM papers

There were two questions that were asked in response to the Annual Report.

1. The accounts mention the costs of PayPal, so is it necessary to offer payment that way? Can we advise everyone that it is less expensive for PCN to use card etc.?

From PCN Treasurer Peter Stribblehill:

The accounts show the amount we pay to PayPal so that members are aware that using the service comes at a cost. It is a convenient way for them to pay for membership, conferences, publications etc and so serves a useful purpose.

From PCN Administrator Sarah Guilfoyle:

We use PayPal, and formerly Stripe, to process card payments online, as well as accepting payments via a PayPal account and these services incur a fee. In terms of the various payment methods that PCN accepts the three main methods that do not have an additional cost are Standing Orders, cheque payments and direct transfer (BACS) as the Co-operative Bank does not levy charges on charity accounts.

The fees referred to in the 2019 accounts include PayPal, Stripe, the PCN Credit Card used for office purchases, and Go Cardless (Direct Debit provider).

2. Do we currently assume that the Marcus Borg memorial lecture will be taking place as planned? The website makes no reference to how the current crisis might affect this; similarly for the Free to Believe event.

From PCN Chair Adrian Alker:

Marcus Borg Memorial Conference – Postponement to 2021

PCN members and friends will know that we had planned our fifth conference in honour of Marcus Borg to be held in Birmingham in October in association with the Church at Carrs Lane. We had invited Revd Deshna Shine to lead our day and plans were well in hand. Deshna is the Executive Director of the Progressive Christian movement in the USA. It is now clear that it will be some considerable time before we all feel safe to attend conferences and Deshna has agreed to lead the conference in the autumn of 2021, when we do hope a vaccine will have been discovered and be universally available.

From PCN Administrator Sarah Guilfoyle:

People who have booked to attend the Free to Believe event will be being contacted by the organisers very shortly. Unfortunately, we do not have any further information about the Free to Believe event at this time; as soon as we receive confirmation of what is happening our website will be updated.


1 On 01/06/2020 John York Skinner wrote:

My feeling is that we should dispense with Paypal as members would have no difficulty paying by means which are free of charge to PCN.

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