New Archbishop promises inclusivity

New Archbishop promises inclusivity

The trustees of PCN Britain have welcomed the announcement by Justin Welby that he will have no truck with homophobia in the Church of England.

This open letter has gone to the editors of the Guardian, Times, Telegraph, Independent, Church Times, Methodist Recorder, Ekklesia, & Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.

If Justin Welby wishes to banish homophobia from the Church of England, his appointment is warmly welcomed by us, the Trustees of the Progressive Christianity Network Britain.

Think about your faith

Think about your faith

PCN Britain is appealing to church members to look again at the fundamentals of their faith.

This month, PCN Britain has launched a new initiative to engage with churches across the theological spectrum. Under the banner, “Helping churches to celebrate a 21st century faith” PCN is aiming to reach congregations across Britain who are seeking a credible faith and a new vision for Christian faithfulness - one which is more inclusive, more open-minded.

Chair's Update

Chair's Update

Here is the July update following another very busy meeting of trustees held at St Columba’s URC York on Wednesday 4th July 2012.

Same Sex Marriage: Government consultation and membership survey report

The report on PCN members’ views about gay marriage is now posted on the website. I am grateful to the 190 members who responded to the survey. All 190 said that PCN should make a submission to the Home Office consultation. 177 [94%] were in favour of same sex marriage. 7 [4%] objected to same sex marriage. 6 could not be categorised. 173 [92%] said the government had not gone far enough and that same-sex marriage should be available in a religious ceremony not just civil ceremonies. These findings formed the basis of PCN’s submission to the Home Office. The full report on the survey results is now available on the PCN Britain web site – it makes for some interesting reading. (http://www.pcnbritain.org.uk/index.php/news/post/pcn_members_speak_out_on_gay_marriage/)

PCN members speak out on Gay Marriage

PCN members speak out on Gay Marriage

This summer PCN Britain made a submission to the Home Office as part of the government consultation over proposals to introduce same-sex marriage in England and Wales. Before making the submission PCN asked for members’ views. This report, compiled by PCN chair, John Churcher, gives the results of that survey and how PCN expressed them in its submission.

Chair's Update

Chair's Update

Gay Marriage

The Government is asking for views on its proposals for ‘gay marriage’ and all members of PCN Britain will have an opportunity to take part in our own consultation so that we can make an authoritative submission on behalf of our membership. The Secretary and Administrator are already discussing the consultation process that we will be using. In the meantime I have issued a press release under the PCN Britain banner. The release can be seen on the PCN website by following the link on the Home Page. It refers only to my views since I had no opportunity to sound out the membership. Our media adviser, Michael Wright and the PCN officers felt it was important to be heard while the subject was in the news. Should any media organisation contact me then I will be able to highlight our 8 points, especially No 4.

Chair's Update

Chair's Update

The latest Management Committee was held at St Columba’s URC, York on 14th January 2012.

As usual there was a packed agenda with a number of issues reflecting the nature of a growing membership organisation. I am pleased to report that the following voluntary appointments were confirmed:

Michael Wright is the new Media Officer for PCN Britain to help us become more effective in our relationship with the media. Harvey Rae is the new Legal Officer, a retired barrister with 30 years experience working in the Government’s Legal Service advising us on legal issues. Dave Coaker is the new assistant Web Officer and will be helping us to publish items on the PCN website.

New group for the North East of England

A new group is being launched in Newcastle, meeting for the first time in February 2012

It is a great pleasure to learn that another group is soon to be available in Newcastle, with Pat McCullock acting as convenor. The first meeting is planned for Monday 13th February, 7.30pm - 9.00pm, at St Thomas the Martyr’s Church near the Haymarket bus station and Metro. Like all groups in the PCN groups network, the aim is to offer progressive Christians somewhere to meet and talk about their faith without the fear of censorship from more traditional church-goers. If you would like to come along, or simply wish to know more, then you can either turn up on the night or else contact Pat on pat.mccullock@pcnbritain.org.uk


PCN Chair’s Update

This update was sent by email to PCN members at the end of October 2011

Saturday October 29th 2011

I start with sincere thanks to those who took part in the consultation over PCN’s new Three Year Strategic Plan. The trustees met earlier this month at the Bar Convent in York for a twenty-four hour planning session. Your responses were invaluable in helping us to draw up the draft plan, which is currently available for your inspection on the PCN website*. We would value your comments which should be sent to the PCN office.

I’d like to highlight a few of the themes in the plan.

New date for PCN Ipswich group launch

For the first time, a PCN group is to meet in a pub.

A new group is being set up in Ipswich. It will be launched on Monday 17th October at 7.30pm. The venue is the Robert Ransome, a pub in Tower St, Ipswich. It is next to Tower Ramparts Bus Station and has a car park nearby, William St. We are to have part of the upstairs. There is no charge but we are expected to buy at least one drink each! For more information contact the convenor, Liz Smith at liz.smith@pcnbritain.org.uk or 01473 462875.

Like all groups in the PCN groups network, the aim is to offer progressive Christians somewhere to meet and talk about their faith without the fear of censorship from more traditional church-goers.

Launch of new Ipswich group postponed

A new PCN group was due to be launched in Ipswich in early October.  Sadly, the founder of the group, Terence Cooper, has recently died.  But his dream will live on.

An Ipswich group was a longstanding ambition of Terence’s. So we are delighted that a fellow PCN member, Liz Smith, also from Ipswich, has stepped forward to volunteer to convene the group and ensure that his vision is fulfilled. The original date for the launch was Monday October 3rd. However, this date will now have to be postponed. As before we hope that the launch will be an evening meeting near the centre of Ipswich. As soon as the date and venue are fixed we will post it here and on the Ipswich webpage in the “PCN in your area” section. If you are interested in joining please contact Liz by phone on 01473 462875 or by email at liz.smith@pcnbritain.org.uk

PCN Strategy Consultation Response Form

The triennial review of PCN strategy is underway and we want to hear from members what they would like us to do.

Please follow the link below to the Strategy Review document in the resources section. The document contains a summary of progress over the last three years, with some options for the future. Then in the Response section we invite you to put forward your views and priorities. If you are a member of PCN Britain, please take a moment to think about our future. If you are not a member but feel you would like to share some thoughts about us, then please feel free to do so by emailing us at info@pcnbritain.org.uk
Link to the Strategy Review and Response Form: http://www.pcnbritain.org.uk/index.php/resources/category/C21/

Tribute to Adrian Smith

It was with considerable sadness that PCN Britain has learned of the death of one of its members, Father Adrian Smith, earlier this year.

A Catholic priest and former missionary in Africa, Adrian Smith went on to become National Director of the Movement for a Better World. He was best known for his 16 books, especially Tomorrow’s Christian and Tomorrow’s Faith, which have inspired many a PCN discussion. He was a leading force in CANA, (Christians Awakening to a New Awareness), and wrote of the implications of this new awareness for Christian belief. An early member of PCN Britain, he contributed by leading seminars and writing for our Newsletter. A Catholic colleague, Father Patrick, praised Adrian for his ability to disobey in the interest of more fundamental values. “Adrian, the silent rebel, always chose the non systemic man, Jesus, above the process… He was a prophet of an inclusive, caring and searching church”

PCN launches new liturgy appeal

PCN Britain is aiming to publish new liturgy for public use through this website.

When did you last find yourself singing a hymn or listening to a collect which made you cringe? We believe there is a need for new liturgical forms and metaphores to match the emerging progressive understanding of Christianity.

Anyone is welcome to submit material for inclusion in the Liturgy section. We welcome individual prayers and hymns as well as “complete” liturgies such as Communion. We would like to include liturgy relating to occasions of deep emotion and spirituality, such as healing, the birth of a child, loss and dying. Material should wherever possible be original, offering a genuine alternative to existing liturgy. We do not rule out drawing on existing words but you will be asked to attribute the source and gain permission for its inclusion. Decisions about inclusion in the project will be made by the Liturgy Project subcommittee of PCN led by Angela Smith, a PCN Trustee.

For advice, declaration forms relating to copyright and where to send your submission, please click on this link: http://www.pcnbritain.org.uk/index.php/resources/detail/how_to_take_part_in_the_pcn_britain_liturgy_project/

Dominic Crossan leads PCN conference in Sept 2011

Here's a chance to get a taster of our September conference speaker.

John Dominic Crossan's work on Christian history challenges us to rethink what Jesus meant to those who knew him while he was alive. PCN Britain has invited him to lead a conference in Leeds from Sept 16th - 18th 2011, at St Andrews URC in Roundhay. For details of the conference and how to book please go to the event page.

To hear a Youtube clip of Crossan, got to http://youtu.be/56cojvbaP5Y

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