Street United Reformed Church

Our church was built in the centre of Street, a Somerset town, in 1853. The town has grown to 11, 000 inhabitants since then. Though small, the church is growing and very lively. Our new advertising campaign “Open Hearts, open minds, open door” is lived out in our services and other activities in and around the town. We stress a welcome for all kinds of people: working, unemployed, disabled, able-bodied, young, old, from all ethnic backgrounds, of all sexual orientations, living alone or with partner or spouse. “Open minds” refers to our broad-minded and inclusive beliefs, which we seek to incorporate in our worship as well as our living. For this reason we enjoy compiling our own “DIY” services from time to time. We are part of the URC Mid-Somerset Group of churches and benefit from good preaching from locally-based UR ministers and lay preachers on most occasions. We run special events for disabled people from the towns around us twice a year, have an ancient tradition of maypole dancing, and take particular care of the children. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a friendly, hard-working and kindly church!

Contact Details

120 High Street
BA16 0ER
Contact: Rev Tim Richards, Liz Williams (Church Secretary)
Tel: 01458 252799 (Richards), 01458 442927 (Williams)