Brighthelm Progressive Christians

Brighthelm Progressive Christians (BPC) has, in part, grown out of the PCN group “Beyond Belief” who love discussion but needed more and so a worshiping group was developed as well. BPC consists of quite a mixed bag of progressives who were finding that their faith was not being adequately fed and sustained by worship in their respective churches.
BPC is not simply a home for Christians who feel out of step with their traditional church; it is an open-minded and open-hearted community which also hopes to be an evangelistic church – a church which shares the good news, creates disciples and works towards the coming of the kingdom of God. The good news being shared is simple: God loves each person unconditionally; following Jesus shows us how we can love unconditionally; this loving promotes justice and joy in ever growing circles and so God’s kingdom grows ever closer. And surely, such an agenda is irresistible!
We meet in The Stanmer Room at The Brighthelm Centre, Brighton, on alternate Saturdays at the family friendly hour of 4pm and include light refreshments as part of the gathering. All are welcome!

Contact Details

Stanmer Room, Brighthelm Centre
North Road
Contact: Rev'd Alex Mabbs

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