Norwich Christian Meditation Centre

The Norwich Christian Meditation Centre is an expression of St Augustine’s Church, Norwich. It is centred on the church hall, which also houses the Sunday morning Anglican congregation.

There is a speaker programme which brings world class teachers in the area of meditation and contemplative Christianity to Norwich. These are usually held in St Luke’s Church Centre.

This started in January 2008 with Richard Rohr.

Open Christianity Network Ireland

Open Christianity Network Ireland is a network of people who wish to engage with the Christian tradition in their search for meaning. We affirm the freedom of each individual to develop their own spiritual vision, and accept that in this task there are differences as well as similarities between us.

Permission to Speak

Permission to Speak is a ministry developed by an ordained Methodist Church minister, Rev. John Churcher. John values the past as important in understanding the present, but is more concerned with Truth than with tradition. Jesus of Nazareth is his Gateway to the God-experience and he respects all who have found other Gateways.

Rex A E Hunt sermons, liturgies, prayers and articles

Rex A E Hunt is a progressive ‘religious naturalist’, liturgist, and social ecologist.  Nearly 40 years ordained, first as a Presbyterian, he is today a retired minister of the Uniting Church in Australia, where his last placement was at The Church of St James in Canberra, ACT - Canberra being Australia’s capital city.  He is the Founding Director of The Centre for Progressive Religious Thought in Australia, and is the Chair of The Common Dreams Conference for Progressive Religion in Australia and New Zealand.

Sea of Faith

The Network explores the implications of accepting religion as a human creation; promotes this view of religion, and affirms the continuing validity of religious thought and practice as celebrations of spiritual and social values.

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