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Convenor: Sandy Elsworth
Location: Tunbridge Wells

About Us

We are a random and motley collection of pilgrims and searchers, generally aligned with progressive Christianity, meeting monthly in and around Tunbridge Wells in Kent.

Tunbridge Wells Radical Pilgrims continue to meet monthly generally on the last Tuesday of the month. We are currently meeting at Christ Church rooms, on High Street. Numbers vary between twelve and up to twenty. The group is ecumenical but also with members who no longer belong to any church.

Please contact me by phone or e-mail for further information.

Venue & Meeting Times

We meet at Christ Church, Tunbridge Wells, generally on the last Tuesday of the month, but this can change to tie up with school terms.

Group History

Radical Pilgrims was formed about ten years ago. During that time we have met regularly, held a few day conferences and travelled individually to good number in various locations.

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