Tavistock Group Meeting – Patrick and Davy film discussion

The next Midweek Topic will be on Wednesday 17th February. The film clip to be watched before the zoom session is https://madeofstories.uk/patrick-and-davy/ . The short film clip is about Patrick and Davy. In a city still scarred by political and religious divide, Belfast-born Patrick and Davy, Catholic and Protestant, have found great friendship through their love of the Belfast Giants ice hockey team. Their weekly podcast, "A View from the Bridge" encourages their listeners in the hope that "in the land of the Giants everyone is equal". A glimpse into their story prompts us to the wider consideration of how religious identity has "at all times and in all places" been a force for good and evil. If anyone other than the usual regulars would like to join us, please contact Mike Dennis and he will ensure that you receive the zoom link.
Start Date:
Wednesday 17th February 2021
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