St Albans Group Meeting – Urban Ministry in Chicago

The St Albans PCN meeting / discussion on Thursday November 26th [7.30 p.m.] will be led by Rev Tim Yeager. It will be based upon his PowerPoint presentation concerning his experiences of urban ministry in Chicago.
Start Date:
Thursday 26th November 2020
Start Time:
Rev Tim Yeager
The PPT needs to be watched before the meeting. It is 53 minutes long but well worth the time, even if you are not able to attend the Zoom session itself. The first half looks at the history of Chicago's Near West Side and ends with Tim talking about the struggles of his church in recent years around gun violence, gang culture, education, trade unionism and jobs. The first half is essential viewing to understand the context of urban ministry in Chicago's Near West Side in recent years. Tim's experiences speak very clearly into today's context of Black Lives Matter. The PPT presentation was recorded in July 2020 and can be seen on this link If you are interested in Tim's session then please contact me for the Zoom link details.

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