St Albans Group Meeting – Exploring the theology of Disney's "Soul"

The speaker at this month's St Albans PCN Britain meeting on Thursday 24th at 7.30 pm will be Gill Elliott, the group's Zoom facilitator. Gill will explore the theology of "Soul" - we are all souls who inhabit a body for a short period of time and space. Gill suggests that attendees may like to buy, borrow or whatever, Disney's “Soul” DVD before the meeting. However, if participants are unable to view the DVD then that should not be a hindrance to taking part in a discussion that has, for many progressives, a very different understanding to traditional Christianity's belief as to what happens beyond the grave. It sounds a mournful subject for a warm summer evening but there is much to discuss as many leading progressive speakers and writers do not always see eye to eye on the subject!

Start Date:
Thursday 24th June 2021
Start Time:
Gill Elliott

Gill's synopsis of the “Soul” story online is that, “basically, a talented jazz pianist who is stuck teaching music in a school in New York, dreaming of a jazz career suddenly gets a break, but on his way home to get ready falls down a manhole and more or less dies. He finds himself en route to "the next place" but decides he's not ready and jumps off the travelator, and finds himself in "before" where souls have to get ready before jumping down to earth to join a body. He is asked to mentor a soul who is an awkward so and so and does not particularly want to get ready - "find himself". However, they jump to earth together (which was not allowed) to rejoin the man's body and the therapy cat he is stroking.... to discover they are in the wrong bodies. They have to swap around before the evening's gig which leads to a lot of finding what's important. There's lots in it, and obviously the Evangelicals *hate* the theology, but it reminds me of something Heather Whyte (currently Minister of the 5 URCs in Luton & Dunstable) contributed to a PCN Britain “Progressive Voices” published in 2015, which has a similar theme about us being eternal souls who borrow bodies on earth for a while.”

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