Rugby Group Meeting – The Progressive Christianity Network- why and how it emerged and who seeks it out

It has been noted that members ranging from Orthodox to Atheist seek to have 'an honest dialogue about 'God', what it means to be Christian and to be human' to quote Adrian Alker in the recent Progressive Voices. We hope to explore why we have sought out the PCN forum and share our own experiences of trying to engage in dialogue in the wider church and what has helped or hindered any conversations we have had. The new PCN leaflets downloadable from this website have been circulated and people asked to consider if they reflect their understanding or approach to faith and if they feel they could aid dialogue in the wider church or among their circle of family and friends. An article about faith as journey written by a member for a local church mag has also been circulated and is available in the resources section.
Start Date:
Monday 17th July 2017
Start Time:
United Reformed Church, Hillmorton Rd Rugby, Prayer room
Nicola Phelan
Facilitated by member
free but we contribute a £1 donation to the church

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