Rugby Group Meeting – Avoiding the Negative Spiral

Progressives/Liberals may often find themselves declaring what they don't believe which can leave others puzzled about what they do. So amidst all the diversity in PCN David Charles Edwards will lead a discussion around this topic and requests you consider the questions outlined in the details section.
Start Date:
Monday 9th July 2018
Start Time:
United Reformed Church, Hillmorton Rd Rugby, Prayer room
Nicola Phelan
Facilitated by member
free but we contribute a £1 donation to the church

Please could you consider and be prepared to address the following questions as succinctly as possible.

1. What do you actually Believe, Know or Perceive in relation to your faith?
2.What is the point of exploring this question and does it matter?
We hope to allow time for individual responses and group discussion after.
The challenge is to articulate your thoughts avoiding statements of non belief which will be buzzed out!

Any new members are welcome to listen and join in as they wish.

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