Greenbelt 2024

The tag line of 2024's Greenbelt Festival is 'Dream On'

Start Date:
Thursday 22 August 2024
Start Time:
Boughton House, near Kettering

PCN Britain will once again be at Greenbelt to spread the word about progressive Christianity. The line up this year can be found on the Greenbelt website and the music side of the festival will be headlined by Corrine Bailey Rae. If ideas are more what you are looking for you will undoubtedly recognise the names Brian McLaren and Padraig O Tuama but there are many voices worth hearing including, but not limited to, Carla Denyer, Jarel Robinson Brown, Julie Siddiqi and Steve Chalke.

Alongside the talks and the music are all sorts of performances, comedy and workshops.

Full details of the Festival can be found here.

Booking Details

Please go to the Greenbelt website for details on how to buy tickets.

Group Programme