Newbury Group Meeting – ‘Shared Humanity’

My friend Letlapa Mphahlele, a former South African liberation army commander during apartheid, is an atheist. He wrote a major article in 'Progressive Voices' about his spiritual journey, titled ‘A journey towards freedom’. It finishes: “Beyond prejudices we inherited from our forebears, across the fences and walls we erect around ourselves, across doctrines and dogmas we uphold, perhaps it helps to acknowledge that there's a thread that runs through all the ideologies and all the schools of thought: common humanity. And if we recognise humanity in others, no matter how different from us they look and dress and talk and worship, we'll be nourishing and watering the roots of our own humanity. Is this a vision that can unite atheists like myself with a variety of religious believers where we come together for a greater ‘Yes!’ - the reality of a shared humanity.” This will form the basis of our discussion. Apart from the main topic we also briefly look at PCN's 'Eight Points' at each session. Today Jane introduces Point 2.
Start Date:
Friday 28th June 2019
Start Time:
Quaker Meeting House Newbury

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