Group Meeting – Monthly Meeting.

On Wednesday 28th April we are starting a new book, 'The Powers that be' by Walter Wink. Anyone is welcome to join us at any time, but the month we start a new book is the perfect opportunity.

For Wink, the gospel is ‘not a message about the salvation of individuals from the world, but news about a world transfigured, right down to its basic structures’.

Wink sees that the world needs transformation from what he calls the Domination System, which is characterised by ‘unjust economic relations, oppressive political relations, biased race relations, patriarchal gender relations, hierarchal power relations, and the use of violence to maintain them all.’ Wink attacks the myth that you can bring peace through violence, and this disposition towards violence permeates our whole society, from the cartoons that our children watch through to the foreign policies of our governments.

Start Date:
Wednesday 28th April 2021
Start Time:
01704 577631

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