Gloucestershire Group Meeting – After the Storm (On Zoom)

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How has the experience of being prevented from attending church influenced your feelings about the role of church in your life?
Start Date:
Saturday 6th June 2020
Start Time:
Andy Vivian
07966 985339

It is possible that for some that the break may have made church seem less essential than before. For others the value of church may have been accentuated. Perhaps both are possible together. The curious fact of lockdown is that while we cannot meet our normal worshiping community in the flesh, we have new online opportunities to join other communities and to find spiritual inspiration far and wide.

There’s a short article by Christine Whitworth in the Sept 2018 edition of Progressive Voices – long before the pandemic. Christine is the minute clerk to the PCN Trustees. She is trying to answer a question posed by her friends: “‘Why do you keep going to church when you believe so little of the general doctrines and creeds?” Here is a link to that edition of PV – you’ll need to turn to Page 7: . (Actually the articles on P6 and P8 are quite interesting too.) Christine’s article gives us a starting point for our discussion.

To join the meeting on Saturday June 6th please contact Andy Vivian who will provide you with access details.

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