Gloucestershire Group Meeting – Writing the Spirit

Judy Clinton will lead us in reflective experiment first developed within Quakers, designed to allow people to express and share their experiences of life, especially their spiritual lives - rather than to discuss beliefs in a largely intellectual manner.
Start Date:
Saturday 3rd February 2018
Start Time:
Christchurch, Abbeydale, Gloucester
Judy Clinton

We will start with a six-minute fast-speed spontaneous writing exercise which enables us to ‘dump’ the immediate thoughts in our heads onto paper.

This will be followed by a period of guided relaxation (about twenty minutes). These two exercises potentially take us into a deeper space within ourselves.

Judy will then introduce a subject (deliberately not revealed at this stage) for us to respond to in writing in a spontaneous fashion - i.e. it won’t be worked out intellectually in advance. This writing will come out of our personal experience, not an intellectualised summary of our beliefs. We will do that for about twenty minutes.

There will then be a time in which people can share what they have written (if they choose to do so, this is not obligatory)into a non-judgmental, loving silence. At this point, if the person who is sharing does not want feedback from the group they will say so. Otherwise there will be an opportunity for reflection by others on what that person has shared, with the aim of amplifying to them what they have been seeking to express. (This is not a time for analysis or general discussion.)

The session will probably end with some discussion about the process and insights that may have collectively arisen.

Judy writes: “This is a profound practice and is difficult to adequately describe - it needs to be experienced. I hope you will feel prepared to engage in it. And please do bring along others who you think may be interested.”

We will need to bring paper, pens (two, one always seems to run out just in the middle of the first exercise!) and a clipboard or something hard to lean on. Any questions, please get in touch with Judy or if you don’t have her email, contact Hilma our group convenor who will put you in touch.

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