Gloucestershire Group Meeting – Unlikely Grandmothers of Jesus, part 3

Unlikely Grandmothers of Jesus, part 3

Of the four women who feature in Matthew's genealogy of Jesus, only Ruth has a whole book to herself. All are welcome to join the Gloucestershire group as we discuss her story

Start Date:
Saturday 2nd July 2022
Start Time:
Maureen Partington

Ruth is a woman of incredible courage and boldness. She shows amazing devotion to Naomi, risking not being able to carry out the traditional woman's role that was expected of her - her choice to follow Naomi made it extremely unlikely that she would marry or have children. She is moving to a different land, where she will be a foreign immigrant, dependent on a poor widow, and a Moabite foreign immigrant - there was a huge prejudice against Moabites in those days.

Margaret Partington will take us through the implications of the story in its original context and also for us today.

If you would like the link to join the Zoom meeting please email Andy Vivian

Image: Ruth in Boaz's Field by Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld (Wikimedia Commons)

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