Gloucestershire Group Meeting – The Bible can be bad

This month we will be showing and discussing a video. Theologian, Trevor Dennis, argues that the Bible is an inspiring book but its authors occasionally tell stories with dreadfully immoral conclusions about the nature of God.
Start Date:
Saturday 6th July 2019
Start Time:
Christchurch, Abbeydale, Gloucester, GL4 5EQ
Andy Vivian
07966 985339
Trevor Dennis (on video)
£2 to cover costs

Trevor gave this talk to last year’s Free to Believe Conference. He’s not just talking about cases where the Bible’s words have been abused in order to justify repression - such as apartheid and homophobia. And his spotlight doesn’t just fall on the violent God of divinely engineered massacres such as Jericho or the vindictive suffering forecast in Revelation. He calls out male chauvinism in both Old and New Testaments and shows us the incipient anti-Semitism in the New. He criticises the Bible’s habit of dividing the world into the favoured and the rejected: the sheep from goats, Cain from Abel, Jacob and Esau. Does God really accept some and reject others? He attacks Matthew for adding a line to a parable which portrays God as a torturer. He encourages us all to call out these stories and to compare them with the core teachings of Jesus. All are welcome to join us for this enlightening talk and to think about how it might change our approach to the Bible.

Trevor Dennis was formerly vice-dean of Chichester Cathedral and a lecturer in Old Testament studies at Salisbury and Wells Theological Studies

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