Gloucestershire Group Meeting – Made of Stories (Zoom meeting)

Made of stories
A chance for the Gloucestershire group to watch and talk about the new PCN short films designed to stimulate a rethink on how we do 'church'
Start Date:
Saturday 1st August 2020
Start Time:
Andy Vivian
01594 516528

This is a first venture by PCN Britain to produce films. The object is to get a new generation to think about how ‘church’ in its widest sense might reflect the spiritual needs of today. PCN considered going down the route of creating a British version of Living the Questions but this set of ‘shorts’ is aimed at a much younger audience. Each film comes with a few questions to stimulate discussion, but there is nothing prescriptive about them. The films aim to allow the stories to speak for themselves. Each asks a question about how ‘church’ might be re-envisaged. The films can all be watched by streaming them from this website: I suggest we should try to view all five in the next four weeks – they are only 5 to 7mins long. Then nearer the time I will write to everyone to ask which two you would particularly like to talk about on 1st August. When you get to the website, you need to scroll down a bit in order to find the links to the films. And when you get to each film, there’s an introduction to read before you get to the video.

The Zoom link will go to members of the group towards the end of July. If you wish to join us you would be very welcome. Please contact Andy.

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