Gloucestershire Group Meeting – Keeping Alive the Rumour of God

Keeping Alive the Rumour of God

You are invited to join the Gloucestershire group where the chair of Free to Believe, Martin Camroux, will talk about his latest book, "Keeping Alive the Rumour of God".

Start Date:
Saturday 5th June 2021
Start Time:
01594 516528
Rev'd Martin Camroux

Camroux starts out with the statement that the idea of an all-powerful, all-knowing God is both unbelievable and morally unacceptable. The notion that God would save one life and allow another to die is abhorrent. Equally, the God who is brought in as a stopgap to explain phenomena for which science has yet to give a satisfactory account is intellectually vacuous. So what use is the word?

Camroux suggests a new picture of God. Not an object or a being in time or space. Look to the great human experiences of love, wonder, spirit and beauty and you may find that the word God catches their essence and articulates their meaning. God is not part of reality. God is ultimate reality.

There will be plenty of opportunity to discuss these ideas with Martin. Do join us and put your point of view or if you prefer, just come to see if there's anything in it for you.

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