Gloucestershire Group Meeting – Jesus Then and Now - the final 3 chapters

Jesus Then and Now - the final 3 chapters

In this part of the book, author John Simmonds focuses on discipleship - what following Jesus might mean today. We don’t live in 1st century Palestine, so we will discern what are the calls that the Spirit of Jesus makes of us, in our own context, in our own times.

If you wish to join this Gloucester group meeting please contact the convenor, Andy Vivian, who can provide a link and a copy of the book.

Start Date:
Saturday 6th March 2021
Start Time:
01594 516528
All of us

Simmonds asks us to consider our personal emotions when we think of Jesus – times when we have been strongly moved by Jesus. He invites us to share the result of this consideration and to listen to others as they share with us. He warns us not to expect to chime with each other’s experience, for we are all different. We will break into smaller groups to discuss Jesus’ emotional impact on us using the Zoom breakout room facility – perhaps 3 people in each room. This will enable us to listen and be heard more fully. If you wish to share an image of Jesus or some words, then you will be able to screen share in the breakout rooms.

Afterwards, we will come together to share our ideas about what being a disciple of Jesus might mean in 2021.

If you are not on our existing mailing list you are most welcome to join us. Just email Andy for the Zoom link.

Image by Henry Ossana Tanner: "Jesus and Nicodemus" (Wikimedia Commons)

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