Gloucestershire Group Meeting – Godless Morality - part 3

Godless morality image
Our third look at Richard Holloway's book will cover the final two chapters, in which he looks at abortion and euthanasia and human fertility.
Start Date:
Saturday 7th December 2019
Start Time:
Christchurch, Abbeydale, Gloucester
Andy Vivian
01594 516528
We ask for £2 to cover the hire of the room and refreshments

The danger of claiming one set of ethics as the word of God is that if those ethics change with time due to new knowledge and different experiences, God risks being thought of as immoral by our own highest standards, or else having changed his mind (or perhaps the church leaders never understood him in the first place!).
But if morals are not to be dictated by traditional scriptures how should we approach forming a consensus on what is or isn’t right behaviour? The issues of abortion and euthanasia are among the most difficult for society come to agreement on and with the development of genetic testing and modification the issue of human fertility is going to be more and more contentious too.
As we have said before, Richard Holloway’s book gets more and more interesting. In his epilogue he finally sets out some ideas on how society might approach the development of a moral code which does not need a religious establishment to enforce it.

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